Business Transformation

TCDC helps you find creative business solutions through Design Thinking, Service Design, and Design Innovation process.

Creative Business Service

Use design thinking process to capture customer needs and pain points. Adopt online tools to boost up your business performance in the digital era.

  • Change by Design
  • Consultation
  • Customized Workshop for Organizations
  • D.R.I.V.E 

Material & Design Innovation Center

Change the equation of success in your business, discover innovative materials and new production processes, bridge innovation and design to shift your business.

  • Design Innovation Consultation
  • Material Consultation
  • Innovation Matching

Maker Space

Fail fast, fail early, fail cheap! Unleash you from all business limitations, give you more options for production, and enable you to test ideas rapidly.

  • Rapid Prototype
  • Product Develop Consultation
  • Maker Community

Resource Center

TCDC Resource Center - Dive into collections of books and publication related to business innovation and Design Thinking process, and databases related to economics and consumer behavior. Find business solutions to increase revenue, reduce cost, and increase efficiency.