Bangkok Design Week 2018 under the theme “The NEW-ist Vibes”

Jan - Feb 18

The Bangkok Design Week 2018, a creative & design festival, took place between 27 January – 4 February 2018 across 4 creative districts, from Charoenkrung, Khlong San, Rama 1 to Sukhumvit. Designed to be a showcase for creative and design works and innovations driven by creativity and design thinking, BKDW2018 brings together experimental and commercial works, creative businesses and socially-oriented projects with the aim to foster creative cooperation, to share knowledge and experience, to ignite inspirations and to facilitate networking and business opportunities while putting the spotlight on the city’s design and creative potential on the global stage. BKDW2018 raised the awareness among creators and consumers on possibilities in creative business, which is considered as the prerequisite condition for transforming Bangkok into 2022 World Design Capital.

6 Main Programmes of the Bangkok Design Week 2018

BKDW2018 explored the theme of “the NEW-ist Vibes” by inviting the Thai creative & design community to share fresh and insightful visions of Bangkok, allowing visitors to peer into the future of the capital of Thailand in 3 different subjects; from City & Living, Well Being & Gastronomy to Creative Business. Types of design projects are Experimental Design, Crossover and Co-Creation. Programmes are divided into 6 categories as the followings:

1. Showcase & Exhibition

Showcase & Exhibition allows students from the fields of design and innovation, young designers, creative entrepreneurs, and domestic & international studios, to exhibit their meticulously crafted creative products, presented in the form of showcases and exhibitions. This activity aims to collectively reflect all aspects of the design process and design situation, and provide a useful guideline to further develop tangible ideas into meaningful products.
     - Waste Side Story Pavilion by PTTGC
Plastic pellets were recycled for the pavilion’s walls. This pavilion featured the debut of a casual clothing collection made from the first fabrics upcycled from plastic waste collected from the seas around Thailand with the collaboration of Thai leading designers.

     - The Exhibition “Dear Elders”
This exhibition explores the challenges of ageing society in various aspects such as personal life, health, life management and so on, and appreciate creative design works inspired by those issues, such as equipment, everyday object, residence, operation system and so on. The exhibition is showcasing 4 projects, outcome from the creative incubation project “Designing Impact Program 2017”, held by TCDC in cooperation with KBTG, Thailand Social Innovation Platform, UNDP, and Fabcafe Bangkok, aiming at using social innovations to drive social changes, elevate quality of life and generate economic growth.

2. Symposium & Talk

As a think-tank activity, where famous thinkers and designers worldwide were invited to deliver a lecture on a topic within their area of expertise, Symposium & Talk is held with an aim to provoke inspiration and help further develop creative ideas, which Thai thinkers, designers, and entrepreneurs stumble upon, through business case studies, and to create positive impacts on business and society at the international level.
     - Creativities Unfold Bangkok 2018 (CU2018)
The annual symposium providing the opportunity for Thai people to learn from various types of thinking process leading to creations of global success. It brings together Thai and international experts and influential thinkers. “CU2018” under the theme “Pulse: Stepping ahead of the Curve” reflects the design of the future path and the way to survive amid the global change.

3. Business Program

Business Program offers a platform for establishing business network and developing collaboration among interested parties in Business Pitching, Business Matching, and Business Consultation Services from experts, providing the visitors the useful insights into business opportunities in creative industries and helps build a sustainable business.
     - Business Pitching & Business Matching
Organized to provide business opportunities to business partners, designers and entrepreneurs participating the Bangkok Design Week 2018. During the session, participants has an opportunity for business matching with special guests including investors, procurement departments and so on in speed dating style.
     - Creative Business Consult Service
One-on-one consulting service from a professional consulting team carefully selected by TCDC’s Creative Business Development Department, this service provided the visitors the useful insights into business opportunities in creative industries and helps build a sustainable business.

4. Creative District & Social Project

Creative District Project is a pilot project for the development of creative district. This project optimized different usage of different area based on community’s needs. Activities, including signboard development,public area and green area development, well-being activities for young adults, are highlighted to boost community involvement in developing the creative district, incubating new ideas, elevating life quality of every member of the community.
     - Active Play
The project focuses on children aged 6-14 in the initiative community in Charoenkrung, with plans to improve their physical performance, mobilise their energy, and allow them to learn new skills through playful designs. It is introduced and launched as the innovative and newly designed playground and creative playing equipment prototypes for children in community during the Bangkok Design Week 2018.

5. Creative Program

Creative Program offered a platform for visitors to exchange knowledge and experience beneficial for creative entrepreneurship through interactive participation in a variety of fun-fueled activities covering all Thailand’s creative industry sectors.
     - Film Screening & Musical Performances
This activities aimed at exploration of potentials and talents of Thai creative professionals from film and musical industry.
     - Charoenkrung District Tour & Workshop
The district tours aimed at introduction and promotion of creative district “Charoenkrung”. Workshops are designed for those interested in gaining the insights into Thailand’s various creative industry sectors.

6. Creative Market

The Creative Market featured over100 young designer-owned fashion shops, unveiling their new collections of fashion and lifestyle products, furniture and so on. With food and beverage stalls, the Creative Market offered a wide array of the creative menu in a creativity-inspiring atmosphere.


Over 60 collaborations from governmental and private organizations.
Over 500 collaborations from creative entrepreneurs and creators.
Over 300 creative activities.
Over 400,000 visitors in 73 places on 4 creative districts across Bangkok in 9 days of the festival.