Bangkok Design Week 2020

Feb - Feb 20

Bangkok Design Week 2020
1 – 9 February 2020
As reported by the UN's World Population Prospects 2019, by 2050 the world’s population will reach 9.7 billon. Today’s proportion of global population living in urban areas is expected to rise from 55% to 68%. There must be an increasing number of cities and urban areas to accommodate over 6 billion people. City dwellers worldwide will live amid predictable and unpredictable challenges, caused by climate change, economic crisis, disasters, cultural shift towards modernity and impact of tourism as well as temporary and permanent migration. Considering all of the above scenarios, an idea of inclusive urban management for quality of life begins to grow. Even so, to develop cities sustainably, we need to enhance their capacity for ‘resilience’. Simply put, the ‘resilient cities’ must have the ability to absorb disturbing shocks and still be able to maintain their systems. It is necessary for public and private sectors to adopt a fresh perspective to approach urban problems and to facilitate property development aimed at promoting growth of different industries. Mutual tolerance for others, safety and access to public services are also essential. Moreover, a favorable working environment that well caters for collaboration across the board is of fundamental importance to enable the cities to survive and to thrive during upheavals.
To this day, Bangkok has been through tough times just like other cities around the world. No one can predict how difficult will the challenges be in the coming years. It’s not fair to let the young generations shoulder all the responsibilities for the future. Bangkok Design Week 2020 (BKKDW 2020), which will be held between 1-9 February 2020, tackles the theme of Resilience: New Potential for Living, as an intellectual playground for creative people, government agencies, business enterprises to show a collective effort to lay down the building blocks of resilience capacity for Bangkok. Despite this collaboration, it will make no significant impact on the city of Bangkok in the short run, potential ideas from a local working group and relevant stakeholders will be clarified and in the end be able to prepare Bangkok for whatever the future brings.
Bangkok Design Week 2020 (BKKDW 2020) will take place at creative venues across the city, such as Charoenkrung-Talad Noi, Samyan, Ari-Pradipat, and Thonglor- Ekkamai. Our 5 key activities are as follows:
Showcase & Exhibition 
A showcase and an exhibition that displays design process and new technologies by designers and creative businesses, in order to introduce the ways to improve quality of life in each level from people, community, and business to city.
Talk & Workshop 
Let’s get inspired by thinkers, creators, and designers. Learn how to design sustainably based on reducing, selecting and cycling resources, that finally makes a positive impact on people in the city.
Creative District 
A project to promote Charoenkrung as a Creative District, which supports both commercial activities and community wellbeing, acting as a prototype for creative area development which leads to practical use.
Event & Program 
Live music, film screenings, art shows, performances and open house will be featured to celebrate Bangkok’s creativity.
Creative Market
A creative market for new and veteran entrepreneurs for building business opportunities, networks, and market channels.  
About Bangkok Design Week (BKKDW)
Bangkok Design Week (BKKDW) has always been marked on the Bangkok event calendar. The event is organized by Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) or CEA, in partnership with over 60 state agencies, public organizations, academia and international institutions, as well as 2,000 designers and creative businesses. In each year, BKKDW draws an estimated number of 400,000 visitors at home and abroad. 
BKKDW is a growth engine for Thailand’s creative industries in many ways, by showcasing creative business and designs, stimulating competitiveness, providing a local and foreign business networking opportunity, generating an economic momentum to downstream businesses, such as marketing, printing, online media, galleries, cafes, restaurants, gifts & souvenirs, travel, hotels and public transport services.
About CEA
Established on 14 August 2018, the organization formerly known as Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC) is now Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization): CEA. Under the supervision of the Office of the Prime Minister, CEA has taken on a larger role in promoting the creative economy for the sustainable economic development of Thailand. 
One of CEA’s missions is to put forth to the development of the creative district. By promoting the district and its conducive atmosphere to new businesses, CEA is aiming to connect the local community with each stakeholder. 
With creativity as a key driver to level up businesses and quality of life, CEA is tasked with enhancing the prominence and competitiveness of Thai entrepreneurs and the creative network to advance Thai creative industries. 
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