Bangkok Design Week 2019

Aug 18 - Feb 19

TCDC Bangkok

"Fusing Forward"
26th January – 3rd February 2019

Since ancient times, Bangkok has opened its doors to welcome people from all walks of life, who gives Bangkok a creative push, fusing Bangkok’s way of life with ethnic and cultural diversities. Bangkok has since become a unique capital, full of charms and stories which attract people the world over, and an inspirational source for creative minds from within and outside Thailand.

At present, when a single unit of knowledge is unable to fully respond to the complex and overarching needs of consumers, the multidisciplinary approach is becoming the key to drive new creativity in the present and the future. This approach combines traditional practices, such as crafts, with digital and technology, and merges the creation of profits with social impact. It also recognizes the fuse of marketing strategy and production process, and the merge of arts and science.

Because of Bangkok’s openness and enabling environment, Bangkok yields both resources and spaces fit for the gathering of creative ideas to address business needs and improve the quality of life of people in the modern world. 

Bangkok Design Week 2019 (BKKDW 2019), therefore, will be organized on 26th January – 3rd February 2019 under the theme “Fusing Forward” to reflect Bangkok’s true potential in being the gathering place for creatives and producers, who work to combine knowledge from various disciplines locally and internationally, new and old, to create products and services for commercial purposes and better quality of life. There will be 5 key activities in different parts of Bangkok such as Charoenkrung, Klong San, Sukhumvit, and Rama I including the following:
• Showcase & Exhibition
A showcase and an exhibition of prototypes and products which reflect the potential of designers and creative businesses in Bangkok and other cities around the world. 
• Talk & Workshop 
An activity to enhance knowledge and inspiration by learning from Thai and international creative minds. 
• Creative District Project
A project to promote Charoenkrung as a Creative District, which supports both commercial activities and community wellbeing, acting as a prototype for creative area development which leads to practical use. Examples include an addition of green space, an adaptive reuse of unused space, an improvement of traffic flow in the Charoenkrung area, and tours.
• Event &  Program 
A program to support creative practitioners to demonstrate their potential in various ways, including music performances, film screening, artistic performances, as well as open house.  
• Creative Market 
Creative market for new and veteran entrepreneurs for building business opportunities, networks, and market channels. 

BKKDW 2018, the first Bangkok Design Week, was held on 27th January – 4th February 2018 by TCDC and more than 500 partners and collaborators from the public and private sectors, academic institutions and cultural organizations. There were more than 400,000 visitors throughout the 9-day festival period.

Announcement of “Showcase” and “Event & Program” Participants
Bangkok Design Week 2019

Announcement of Showcase Participant
Announcement of Event & Program Participant
Announcement of “Ploy Saeng” participants

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Open Call for Showcase and Event & Program

Open Call for Showcase and Event & Program (Bangkok Design Week 2019) Application Period: Now - 15 October 2018